Informatics systems are systems that include all technologies like computers contributing collecting, processing, analyzing, defining, storing, transferring information through the networks. No matter what it is called, an informatics system operation is developed and used for supporting management and decision making processes.
Informatics systems contain all informatics and communication technologies of an institution, it is also the engagement format for personnel with technology during supporting of work processes.

Informatics technologies’ impacts on business environment can be reviewed under four titles;

Communication: It helps for increasing fast and on time communication, making right decisions, and exploring new business fields. Email servers, redirectors, company info screens and messaging services are the main structure of a company communication. Communication methods, mentioned above, are used for distributing daily and critical business information in fast and effective format. Employees, managers, business partners, and clients are always fed with updated information through the system.”

Efficiency: Optimized business processes, shared storage areas, and common work areas increase efficiency along with providing better employee performance in shorter times. Informatics technologies can be used for automating daily iterative tasks; they can help to make data analyzes faster and easier; they provide appropriate storage to data for any future use. They provide possibility for customers to engage with company in real-time, and they help customer to reach correct company employee.

Competition Advantage: Informatics technologies provide advantages for its company against to its competitors by causing new product development, opening new product markets or improving customer relations. For the companies with low price strategy, information technologies have a key role for sourcing ways to increase productivity and reducing employee costs.

Economical Effectiveness: Iterative tasks can be gathered under one center by using information technologies. As a result, savings can be processed from employees with same tasks. Also, economical effectiveness can gained by transferring high-cost functions to online environment. Companies may reduce costs by moving their hotlines to email services. Also time and place independent working possibility creates cheaper workforce and possibility to work with solution partner.

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