Mission of SIMSOFT Human Resources Department, is to develop the human resources applications that serve the strategies and to ensure and coordinate the implementation of effective human resources systems in all operations in the light of the vision and mission of SIMSOFT. Providing recruitment and system adaptation of the right people, taking the applications and actions that will enable the company's existing human resources to work effectively and efficiently, improving the competency and follow the performance of the human resources, faultless management of legal and personal affairs processes, provision of internal continuity and progress through the career and staff planning and motivation management exercises constitute the basic means in the achievement of this mission.

Strategy of SIMSOFT Human Resources Department; is to establish an employee structure which aims to contribute to the goals and values of SIMSOFT with enthusiasm and excitement, works productively and result-focused with team consciousness, constantly improves the skills, adopts the working culture working with targets and with the mentoring of leadership qualified managers and which is highly motivated. The focal point of this strategy to ensure the permanence and effectiveness of this process in the light of corporate training efforts, motivation practices, encouragement and promotion efforts, and fair and transparent personnel policies.

Main Objectives of SİMSOFT Human Resources Department,

  • To create an "Employer Brand" that reflects the unique and institutional values of SİMSOFT in the eyes of our employees, our business partners, our customers, our candidates, our competitors and the whole business world,
  • To improve the organizational productivity and to guide through projects and applications and to develop systems in the process of establishing working culture with targets.
  • To lead the organizational development and systematization through the power and support it receives from the employees, from the managers and from the opportunities provided by the information technologies,
  • To develop and sustain the structure of an institution which consists of employees who are productive, and who have a responsibility consciousness, and who own institutional values and principles, and who are highly motivated and solution oriented.
  • To create opportunities, systems and applications for employees to be successful, to establish studies that support personal and professional development, especially education,
  • To provide, protect and develop the structure which consists of employees who are connected to the institutional values and serve the company's purposes through fair and incentive compensation, rewarding and motivation implementations.
  • To establish an administrative affairs management and personnel / personal affairs organization that over comes the employee needs and expectations, which is fast, effective, legal and in compliance with all legal requirements with the help of the information technology and follow-up of the latest practices.

Key Targets of SIMSOFT Human Resources Department is:

  • To establish a work environment based on the consciousness of "Positive Energy", "Responsibility Consciousness" and "Effort to Obtain Appropriation and Provide New Contribution" which we desire to be in all our employees and those who will start out.
  • To Employ talents who will acquire company values and provide new contributions through an efficient recruitment process,
  • To create result-oriented and effective organizational structure and a competent employee profile to support it,
  • To develop modern human resources management practices and to ensure their effective operation in order to increase employee satisfaction, motivation and commitment to the company,
  • To implement training and mentoring programs that will contribute to personel and professional development of all employees,
  • To identify needs according to company targets and to carry out studies that will provide career plans for employees,
  • To support the success and continuous improvement of employees with a goal-based and result-oriented management model,
  • To make the measures, projects and actions related to employee health and work safety timely and effective,
  • To organize and coordinate projects, activities, trainings, mentoring support, acts and actions in order to optimize communication, interaction, sharing and team work culture between employees.

We kindly ask you to contact us at ik@simsoft.com e-mail address in case you wish to receive information in the field of human resources (such as SİMSOFT's human resources policies, recruitment processes, internship and "Star Abilities" programs, education, social activity and motivation applications, SİMSOFT study culture etc.) and in case you desire to be in job application.


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