The ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System has started to operate in our organization and our Information Security Policy is as follows.

Information Security Management System
Simsoft, to determine the security principles of enterprise information and information assets;
· The confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers and suppliers' data only at their authorized and required times,
· Ensure the security and reliability of information assets in the active level,
· Compliance with national and international laws and regulations related to information security,
· Continually improve, manage and monitor information security and other risks,
· Establishing information security awareness on all stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and business partners) and transferring their information security related obligations to users,
· Ensure that basic and supportive business activities continue uninterrupted at the highest possible level, act in emergency situations with an emergency action plan,
· Ensuring the necessary infrastructure and security for information security
· It promises that all activities will be realized with the contribution and support of top management.

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