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Simsoft's SimIG image generator provides realistic 3D virtual environment support for military/civil simulators. SimIG, with its ability to visualize a large number of high quality polygons across multiple channels, is listed among Turkey’s most successful image generators.

3D Visualization Ability (Sim3D)

  • 60 FPS success and visualization of 2M polygons at 60 FPS
  • Lighting
  • Dynamic Real Time Lighting
  • Multiple Light Source Support
  • Lighting with Static Light Maps
  • Shadows
  • Environment and Ambiance Simulation
  • Snow, Rain, Hail, Fog
  • Volumetric Clouds
  • Atmosphere Based on Ephemeris Model Verification
  • Sensor Simulation
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Camera
  • Special Effects (dust, explosion, smoke, fire)
  • Realistic Geometric Water Simulation
  • GPU Based Physics Abilities
  • Character Animations
  • Programmable Artificial Intelligence Abilities
  • Wide Range of 3D Model Support, such as OpenFligh, .ive, .3ds
  • Parallel Visualization and Multiple Channel Support
  • Sound Simulation
  • Vast Area Terrain Visualization
  • Optimizations (LOD, culling, paging)
  • CIGI Support

Communication Ability (SimFramework)

  • Distributed Architecture Based Infrastructure
  • Expandable Simulation Architecture
  • HLA Support
  • High Performance Communication
  • Various Communication Infrastructure (TCP/IP, UDP/IP) Support
  • Data Compression
  • Multicast Support

3D Model/Character/Terrain/Texture Libraries

  • Various High Definition 3D Models
  • LOD Support
  • .3ds, .ive, .flt

3D Database Generation Ability (SimTerrain)

  • Geographic Earth Information
  • Raster Height and Depth Data
  • Satellite Texture
  • Layer Based Data Management and Visualization
  • Hiding Different Layers
  • Adjusting Opacity
  • Wide File Type Support
  • 3D Terrain- Open Flight, DTED, ESRI® Shape Files
  • Raster Maps - GeoTIF, CADRG,.bmp,.png, jpeg
  • Vector Data - ESRI® Shape Files, etc.
  • Automatic 3D Terrain Generator from Vector Data
  • Generating Cultural Elements from Vector Data
  • Adding Cultural Elements Compatible with Terrain
  • Adding Elements such as Roads, Trees, Buildings, Rivers

Advanced Level Atmosphere Conditions Visualization

  • Position of Sun and Moon
  • Layered and Large Clouds
  • Lighting Points through Stars
  • Rain, Snow, Hail
  • Various Fog Effects and Atmosphere Layers


  • Different lighting dynamics during different times of the day
  • Dynamic shading of objects
  • Lighting through multiple light sources

Multi-structured Techniques

  • Regular map
  • Shaded map
  • Lighted map

Character animation

  • Face animation
  • Body animation
  • Animation mix
  • Hardware addition

Physics-based Simulation

  • Physics based smoke simulation
  • Physics based water simulation
  • High accuracy and high-performance character animation
  • Side view
  • Land height
  • Laser adjusted telescope
  • Creating crashes

Content Library

  • Around 500 military models
  • Around 500 civil models
  • Around 1000 building and structure
  • Around 50 human characters
  • Around 50 tree models
  • Around 300 street objects, signs, bus stops, and cultural objects
  • 10 urban and rural areas, each of them with 30 km route