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Simulator systems are being developed for operator training on intercity conventional and speed train and on inner city tramways and subways. There are full cabin and desktop style compact simulator options for recruiting personnel or refreshing trainings. All simulators offer real vehicle equipment along with support of modelling and animation in high fidelity virtual reality.

Tram Simulator

Vehicle Simulators

  • Tramway
  • Subway
  • Metrobus
  • Train

Hardware Options

Full Mission Training Simulator

Full mission training simulator is the simulator system that offers the most realistic training both hardware and physical perspective through its one-on-one rail system like cabin and 3 DOF/6 DOF mobile platform option. All electronic and mechanic controlling systems are designed in accordance with requested vehicle’s technical configuration, and console, control stick, joystick, indicators, buttons and likewise all hardware produced to be the same model as the real one. High definition projectors transfer the display to large angled screens, and support of modelling and animating in high fidelity level is provided.

Desktop Style Training Simulator

Desktop style training simulators are compact, structured systems compared to full mission training systems. It consists of close system room type training units instead of real vehicle cabin format. Interior hardware can be configured as vehicle physics appropriate equipment, console, indicators, and control units for real or real-like display. Vehicle view angle and environmental components are transferred to user in high fidelity level through high definition LCD display system.



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