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In construction and logistic sectors seen as the locomotive of economy, numbers of mega projects are increased significantly along with qualified labor force. And it is predicted that need for personnel will last many years through the planned urban transformation process.
Simsoft develops simulator systems in order to provide operator trainings for heavy vehicles such as truck, big rig, and tanker. It presents solutions for sector.
Developed simulators reflect the vehicle dynamics with high fidelity and they provide accomplishment for the required training through desired scenarios.

Vehicle Simulators

  • Truck Simulator
  • Big rig Simulator
  • Tanker Simulator
  • Tow truck simulator
  • Concrete Mixer Simulator

Software Features

  • Fuel Economy Scenario
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs Scenario
  • Safe Driving Scenario
  • Scenarios for various rimes and environments
  • High fidelity vehicle drive and engine dynamics
  • Physical modelling of case and traction mechanism
  • Traffic and Signalization Simulation
  • Assessment and Evaluation Infrastructure
  • Record and Replay

Hardware Features

  • Full/Half/Monitor Vehicle Cabins Options
  • 2 DOF/3 DOF/6 DOF Mobile Platform Options
  • Real Vehicle Hardware
  • Indicators
  • Manual/Automatic Gear
  • Signal Groups
  • Pedals


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