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There are around 4000 cars joining into traffic every day in Turkey, and while the number of vehicles is close to 20 million, half of these vehicles are cars. According to data, it is seen that accidents of land vehicles are increasing year-by-year. 90% of traffic accidents caused by drivers. Drivers’ driving abilities and psychological behaviors in traffic are the most important factors for preventing accidents. Infrastructure investments are essential along with security for solving transportation problems. Therefore, it is mandatory to create traffic consciousness amongst drivers, passengers and pedestrians to minimize the risk.

Simsoft offers many training possibilities through the developed advanced driving simulators on communication, anger management, driving psychology, safe and defensive driving in various traffic and environmental conditions. It is aimed to provide training through simulators for the hard to create incidents. And it is aimed to provide more effective, faster training.

Full Closed Cabin 3DOF Automobile Simulator

Monitor Cabin 2DOF Car Simulator

Advanced Driving Technics Simulator

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