Our country encounters with thousands of fire and rescue related incidents. Serious resources re needed especially in the form of personnel and equipment, in order to deal with fire, earthquake, landslide, flooding, and other fire and rescue related incidents under the effect of behavioral consciousness, geographical and technical infra-super-structure.
It is essential for the personnel to know the appropriate behavior, apply this knowledge and be decisive in case of time-sensitive fire, disaster and emergency situations for the sake of city’s fight against disaster emergency situations.

Therefore, training on fire and rescue related incidents is extremely important for both the firefighter personnel and the citizens. It is only possible to train personnel with self-confidence, having the ability to use owned equipment, having the ability to work as part of a team, being good at problem solving, and being experienced through the perfectly designed training system and infrastructure.

Simsoft develops simulation systems for the firefighter vehicles in order to train personnel cost effectively, in high quality, and efficiently through the benefits of the simulation technologies. Many operator trainings and squad leader decision improving tactical trainings are provided for the vehicle operators, basket and ladder usage with the purpose of minimizing the time on arrival for fire, water delivery, and fire time. Operator trainings, using firefighter vehicle and its systems at operator level, are planned to be provided more effectively, faster, and for hard to create scenarios in real-life.

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Virtual Training for Fire Fighters


Introduction of Fire Fighting Simulation Center Awarded by TUSIAD


Vehicle Simulators

  • First Responder Vehicle Simulator
  • Ladder Vehicle Simulator
  • Tight Space Vehicle Simulator
  • 6x6x6 Multipurpose Disaster Responder Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle Driving Simulators

The first step of the fire and rescue incident respond is arrival to the scene and parking in correct position. It is important to accomplish this in the shortest amount of time for minimizing the loss of property and lives. For this purpose, driving simulators provide experience and necessary information on arriving to scene as soon as possible under heavy traffic and environmental conditions for vehicle drivers. Vehicle drivers will be trained on how to behave for every condition through virtually created heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, weather conditions, road conditions, and physical structure scenarios by using real vehicle equipment.

  • Advanced Driving Techniques Scenarios
  • Special Visual Effects
  • Fire and Tanker Accident Scenarios
  • Virtual Urban/Rural Area Scenarios
  • Realistic Environment Conditions Effects
  • Using Joystick
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Parking

Pump Simulator

It is required to prepare systems for action after the arrival to the scene and correctly parking. For this purpose, firefighters should make the necessary adjustments on hardware such as fire pump, valves, feeding valves, engine rpm controls along with fire putout components. Simsoft’s pump simulator, integrated with driving simulator, is providing hands-on training for these operations.

Ladder Simulator

Ladder operation, beginning after stabilizing the vehicle, includes ladder approach, straightening, bending, opening and closing activities for approaching to respond point. Ladder simulator, developed by Simsoft, is similarly modelled by using real hardware. All joystick, button and likewise hardware are located in simulation as integrated, and user trainings are provided for all functions through various scenarios.

  • Ladder Opening and Closing Trainings
  • Maneuver
  • Physical Crash Training
  • Tactical Coordination Training

Basket Simulator

After ladder was delivered appropriately to fire area, fire respond and rescue operations start on basket. There are fire hose, LCD screen, and controlling lever on basket simulator. Coordinated use with ladder, respond and rescue scenarios can be accomplished through various fire and rescue scenarios.

  • Basket Using Scenarios
  • Basket-Ladder Coordination Training
  • Fire putout Training
  • Respond Training
  • Human Rescue Training
  • Building Fire, Forrest Fire etc.

Hardware Features

  • Fiberglass half/full cabin
  • 2 DOF/3 DOF Mobile Platform
  • Widescreen Visualization
  • Real Vehicle Equipment
  • Driving Console
  • Real Joystick Use
  • Pump Control Vehicles
  • Basket Control Vehicles

Managing and Creating Scenarios Tool

  • Separate or Integrated Use of Simulators
  • Modelling of Rural and Urban Areas
  • Driving Skills in Different Weather Conditions
  • Tactical Trainings for Various Fire Types
  • Various Equipment Use Scenarios

Scenario Features

During training session, various scenarios or common scenarios can be applied for each user. It is possible to gather training scenarios in various categories and add new scenarios as required.

  • First respond to fire in emergency situation scenario
  • Rescuing life during fire scenario
  • Using basket, ladder, and pump scenario
  • Effective responding scenario
  • Attention and sense scenario
  • Safe driving scenario
  • Reducing maintenance costs scenario
  • Fuel Economy scenario
  • Fire scenarios
  • Building fire
  • Bridge fire
  • Historical area fire
  • Forrest fire
  • Tunnel and railroad fire
  • Vehicle fire
  • Factory fire
  • Gas station fire
  • Parking scenarios
  • Parking to garage scenario
  • Parking between vehicles scenario
  • Parking to right scenario
  • Parking to left scenario
  • Parking on an uphill scenario
  • Parking on a narrow street scenario
  • Locating in places without a parking space scenario
  • Live Rescue scenarios


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