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Public transportation or personal vehicle preferences are changing on the advantage of public transportation in urban and rural areas through the investments made. Especially in bigger cities, 50% of motor vehicle transportations are made by public transportation, and the busses are the most preferred vehicles in and between the cities. According to data, it is seen that accident with land vehicles involvement are increasing every other year. Safety is essential for transportation along with infrastructure investments. Millions of people use public transportation every day in big cities and 35% percent of public transportation is provided by busses. Therefore, personnel capabilities are especially important and there is a need of qualified personnel in large numbers. Simsoft develops bus driving training simulators in order to reflect simulation technologies’ benefits to bus driving trainings and to train qualified personnel efficiently, with quality and cost effectively. Developed simulator systems provide safe bus driving and driver behavioral trainings. Also they provide safe parking, approaching and leaving, passenger drop-off and pick-up, fuel economy providing for bus drivers on generic lands through various scenarios. Cabin with monitor, half cabin, and full cabin are developed in accordance with client’s requirements.

Cabin with monitor

In cabin system with at least 3 LCD monitor systems, system reality can be increased by 2 DOF/3 DOF mobile platform support. Requested vehicle’s console unit (indicators, buttons, and controllers), wheel, pedals, and gearshift are being used as hardware.

Half Cabin

Half cabin bus simulator consists of widescreen available screen system as a difference from cabin with monitor. It is supported by 2 DOF/3 DOF platforms for mobility, and real vehicle’s driving parts such as indicators, active/passive buttons, controllers, handbrake, gearshift, and pedals are being used for accomplishing their own functions similarly.

Full Cabin

Full cabin simulators are the systems that provide full real car hardware and training of a real car experience for personnel. Oval screen system and 2 DOF/3 DOF platforms are being used to create most mathematically and physically realistic environment possible.

Bus Driving Training Simulation Center

Advanced Driving Trainings with Bus Simulator

Bus Simulator Training Center with Projector

Monitor Cabin 2DOF Bus Simulator Introduction

Simulator Training for Bus Drivers

Bus Simulator Simulation Software

Software Features

  • Fuel Economy Scenario
  • Reducing Maintenance Costs Scenario
  • Attention and Senses Scenario
  • Safe Driving Scenario
  • High Fidelity Vehicle Driving and Engine Dynamics
  • High Fidelity Character Animations
  • Traffic and Signalization Simulation
  • Assessment and Evaluation Infrastructure
  • Multiple Screen Support
  • Record and Replay

Environment and Vehicle Simulations

  • Urban traffic simulation
  • Recognizing other vehicles and pedestrians
  • Following and violating traffic rules scenarios
  • Danger scenarios
  • Human movements (get on/off a vehicle, door opening, etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence control for user controlled vehicles
  • Controlled/uncontrolled cross-roads
  • Enlightened/dark boulevards
  • Straight and curvy roads
  • Underpass and overpass
  • Damage simulation in case of hitting alive and lifeless objects
  • Car accelerating and breaking moves, skidding, collapsing, impacts, road handling through the ground, car moves in accordance with road conditions, vibrations
  • Parking, approaching and engine start
  • Real time fuel consuming calculation

Scenario Managing Abilities

  • Starting, pausing, and ending simulation
  • In case of accident, ending or continuing simulation option
  • Automatic replay after accident
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Arranging wind directions
  • Changing road conditions (snowy, icy, etc.)
  • Arranging vehicle and pedestrian density
  • Time appropriate environment conditions
  • Defining vehicle issues and reflecting on indicators
  • Adding and removal of mobile and immobile objects
  • Vehicle and pedestrian behaviors (jumping on to road, violating rules)
  • Urban environment simulation and traffic lights controls


  • Real time reporting in accordance with trainer dedicated rules and parameters
  • Automatic scoring in accordance with reporting results
  • Receiving evaluation results offline after the scenario completion
  • Assessment and evaluation through large parameter list
  • Traffic signalization accordance control
  • Traffic rules accordance control
  • Passing through left side of traffic lines accordance control
  • Adaptability to speed and following distance control
  • Road violation control
  • Prioritizing pedestrian situation control
  • Approaching to intersection and stops speed control
  • Sudden braking and accelerating control
  • Determining designated target arrival time
  • Accident types and count
  • Suitable approach and leave control,
  • Driver reaction and reflex measuring in cases of sudden human, vehicle and animal moves
  • In case of malfunction, realizing and applying correct behavior control
  • Driver behavior control in accordance with road conditions
  • Driving according to fuel economy control
  • Creating report for every student after assessment and evaluation


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