Usability indicates how easily, effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily systems that require human-computer interaction, such as software interfaces, websites, and portals, can be used. Simsoft's experienced team has worked to enhance usability via projects investigating e-government, e-commerce, and e-banking.

Usability Services

  • Usability Tests
  • Effectivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction-Based Tests on Existing Systems (ISO9241)
  • Task Analyses on Existing Systems
  • Pilot Effectivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction Tests on Existing Systems
  • Real Effectivity, Efficiency, and Satisfaction Tests on Existing Systems
  • Product Usability Tests (User and Specialist Analyses)

Eye-Tracking Applications

Eye tracking records the user’s gaze motions, attitudes, and facial expressions; calculates the duration for which the user looks at any point of the user interface; and determines how many tasks are performed by the user.

Human-Centered Design

Simsoft applies human-centered design procedures to its projects by considering users’ requirements during the project development cycle and creating products consistent with those needs.

Specialist Analyses / Heuristic Approaches

Specialist Analyses and Heuristic Approaches include the analysis and redesign of products based on heuristic methods and standards used worldwide. Specialist Analyses can be applied to a product individually or with other methods.

Usability Tests of Applications

Military and civil applications feature a diverse range of user profiles and domain knowledge and must be satisfactory in terms of usability, which can be determined via a variety of tests.