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Decision making is a multi-leveled process. In many sources, these levels are mentioned as intelligence/understanding, design, selection, and application. Understanding is the process of realizing, defining and understanding company’s internal issues. Design is the process of determining and exploring different solutions for the issue. Selection is selecting one of the solution alternatives. Application is providing progress of selected alternative and constantly monitoring provided benefits by the selected alternative.

Our information intense environment of nowadays, there is an increasing need for software that can analyze cumulative data, define and classify data for managers and employees, support decision-making processes. Therefore, decision support systems are developed for supporting decision-making processes on management, operational and planning levels. A decision support system can be fully autonomous or human-centered as well as a combination of both.

Decision support systems are usually being used for the solution of problems that were not completely defined and are less structural, and faced by managers. It is aimed to combine analytic techniques and modelling by using traditional data delivery and collection methods. They are also developed as user-friendly to be easily used by the ones who are not computer experts.

“The core of decision support processes, there is business intelligence and analytics. Business intelligence is a term used for defining the infrastructure of storing, integrating, reporting, and analyzing collected data. Business analytics, on the other hand, include tools and techniques used for defining and analyzing data.”

Simsoft already accomplished successful projects in both defense and private sectors through its developed decision support systems in information technologies field. Some of these projects are war games which were developed for analytic purposes to test military tactics and techniques along with weapon and equipment.