Complex, non-linear chaotic nature of battlefield makes it almost impossible to make the right and timely decision. There is a need for systems that are capable of increasing situational awareness, providing larger picture of the battlefield, accomplishing all battlefield or coalition’s space vital information exchange along with its own in order to provide effective decisions by leaders. Since the information on battlefield is in large amount; there is a need for command control software to process and filter this information and present it to decision makers’ attention. Therefore, this software can recognize and define battlefield in full.
Simsoft develops easy to use and access but also complete products for increasing mobile flexibility on command, control, communication, computer, and intelligence (C4I) systems, and reducing deployment times.
Some of the developed products in this context listed below:

  • Fire Support Software
  • Target Management
  • User messages management
  • Data transmissions between different device and systems
  • Shooting management
  • Mission planning software
  • CBS based mission planning
  • Mission analysis
  • Database management processes, Sensor coverage analysis, Graphical analysis
  • Transferring/receiving mission data
  • Developing HERİKKS Components
  • ED/ET Mission Analyze Software