“Weapon system dependency on software increases along with advancement in technology. As a result of that, included software’s success becomes directly involved with the weapon system’s success. Even the software development process looks similar for weapon system and other any other systems, there are significant differences on management level.
Simsoft intends to share the experience, knowledge and project management intelligence on developed software for air defense and guided land missiles.”

These practices are listed in subtitles below:

  • Air Defense Software
  • Sensor systems software
  • Communication and antenna management units
  • Air defense weapon system components
  • User interface software
  • Signal Processing Systems
  • Signal/İmage analysis and processing
  • Video Processing
  • Visualization and pattern recognition
  • Movement analysis
  • Data Control Systems
  • Data control performing units
  • Data control software
  • Data control system power units
  • Serial channel Ethernet communication software