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Military purposed platforms are multicomponent systems that were equipped in accordance with the performed missions. Basically, there are vehicle driver, gun operator, and commanding personnel in a land vehicle for battle purposes. Simsoft develops crew training simulators to train personnel assigned on land vehicle platforms in order to train them simultaneously in same scenario as a team. Systems most essential feature is providing possibility for the vehicle driver, gun operator, and commander of field operation to perform their duties in the same scenario. Each and every personnel of a crew are trained in a similar way as in real life where they communicate with each other, get directed by a commander, and with coordinated drivers and gun operators.

Driver Training Simulator

  • 3DOF/6DOF Motion Platforms
  • Driver Equipment
  • Real Vehicle Hardware
  • Full Driver Cabin

Gunner and Commander Training Simulator

  • 3DOF/6DOF Motion Platforms
  • Weaponry Simulation
  • Periscope Viewing System
  • Gunner Periscope View
  • Commander Periscope View
  • Turret/Cannon Control Hardware

Basic Training Content

  • Safe Driving Techniques
  • Shooting Techniques
  • Target identification
  • Track and Target Surveillance
  • Effective Sensor Usage
  • Team Coordination

Hardware Properties

  • Configurable hardware units
  • Fiberglass full/half cabin
  • Motion platform
  • Visualization on large screen
  • Real vehicle equipment
  • Driver console
  • Real joystick hardware
  • Trainer console for simulation controls

Scenario Creation and Management Tool

  • Usage of simulators separately or integrated
  • Modeling of urban and rural areas
  • Driving skills on various environmental conditions
  • Various equipment usage scenarios