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Simsoft produces a variety of vehicle simulators with a diverse range of hardware configurations by using a vehicle simulation infrastructure developed in house. With this infrastructure, Simsoft can develop high fidelity vehicle simulators with realistic dynamics. These simulators can be equipped with different displays ranging from LCD systems to 360 degrees curtain displays. 2 DOF, 3 DOF, and 6 DOF motion platform options can be supported.
The biggest advantage of Simsoft’s vehicle simulators is the ability to configure the components of the simulators and develop different vehicle simulators using the same infrastructure.


Simsoft’s vehicle simulator infrastructure is composed of three main units:

Software Unit

Visualization and Audio Software

  • Multi-Channel Visualization
  • High Resolution Visualization
  • Optimized Lights and Shadows
  • Day and Night Environments Modeling
  • Snow, Rain, Hail, and Fog Modeling
  • Special Effects Modelling
  • Character Animation Modeling
  • Audio Modeling

Artificial Intelligence Software

  • Traffic and Signalization Model
  • Vehicle and Driver Artificial Intelligence
  • Environmental Components Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Scripting

Vehicle Physics Software

  • Torque Model
  • Wheels, Brakes and Friction Model
  • Motor and Transmission Model
  • Suspension Model
  • Articulated/Tracked Vehicle Model
  • Hot Fix of the Vehicle Dynamics in the Working Environment

Instructor Software

  • Scenario Management Tool
  • Scenario Creation Tool
  • Assessment and Evaluation Tool
  • Record and Replay Tool
  • Breakdown Generation Tool

Configurable Image Display Unit

  • Monitor System
  • 3 Monitors, 135 degrees FOV (field of view)

Projection System

  • 3 Projectors, 135 degrees FOV
  • 6 Projectors, 360 degrees FOV
  • Rear Projection System

Motion Platform and Hardware Unit

  • Support for Different Motion Platforms
  • 2 DOF, 3 DOF, 6 DOF

Real Vehicle Hardware

  • Gauges and buttons
  • Control equipment, pedals and gears
  • Weaponry Systems


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