Firearms Training simulators provide light and machine gun trainings through weapon and scenario options in accordance with various client profiles.
Trainings can be accomplished through systems that are capable of laser and real ammunition support. As a result of each training, performance evaluation system creates a performance analyze report based on shooter, and it analyzes many criteria from shooters’ gun handling to target analysis.

Supported Weapon Systems

  • 9mm Glock
  • Sig Sauer
  • CZ
  • Beretta
  • G3 and AK-47
  • M16/M4
  • HK-33E
  • MG3


  • Standalone screen
  • Multiple walls (multiple surrounded screens)
  • Special live fire screen system


  • High-resolution bullet detection sensor
  • Laser detection camera
  • Position detection sensors
  • Shooters identification unit
  • Optional shoot back system

Performance Evaluation

  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Training performance per shooter
  • Detailed performance analysis reports including:
  • Precision hit points grouping
  • Precision shooter’s weapon handling and behavior
  • Competition and success details of shooters
  • Shots for each shooter’s target, enter point and movements


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