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Simsoft develops simulators for diving and floating marine platforms. These simulators are being used for sailing training of personnel on maneuver, approaching, and leaving; they are also used for training of users who are responsible of critical mechanical and electronic systems. Efficient training systems are provided for corporations through real lifelike all kind of geographic, meteorological conditions, and incident based scenarios.

  • Bridge Simulators
  • Vessel Traffic Service Simulators
  • GMDSS Simulators
  • Damage Control Simulators
  • Engine Room Simulators

Bridge Simulators

“Bridge simulator provides platform operation and management trainings under all kind of meteorological and topographic conditioned scenarios in high fidelity reality. Developed systems behaviors in most realistic way as in mathematical model and hardware component suitability in accordance with requested marine platforms.”

Bridge Components

  • Mobile Platform (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • ECDIS Simulation
  • Radar Simulation
  • IO & Panels (AIS, GPS, Navtex, Gyro, Magnetic Compass, Auto Pilot, Eco Sounder, Log Speed, VHF Console)
  • Map Desk
  • High Fidelity Own Ship Mathematical Model
  • High Fidelity Sea State Simulation And Visualization
  • 3D Port Models
  • Scalable from Full Mission Bridge Simulator to Desktop and VR-Supported Versions
  • VR-Based Binoculars

Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) Simulator

  • Designed for VTS Training Requirements of IALA Guidelines and IALA Model Courses 
  • VTS Center Replica with Desktop and/or Portable VTS Simulator Solution 
  • One-To-One/One-To-Many Training Environments with Trainer and Trainees  
  • Portable or Stationary VTS Simulator Solution 
  • Easy to Use Scenario Management with Advanced Scenario Editor 
  • Integration with VHF and Bridge Simulators* 
  • Realistic VTS Scenarios within a Strait, Port or Large/Segmented VTS Area 
  • Procedural Communication Training with Ships in VTS Area 
  • Customization for The Training Center, Their Priorities   
  • 3D Visualization of The VTS Area (Optional) 

GMDSS Simulators

GMDSS simulator provides training on wireless communication of deck personnel, and it also provides application of global marine danger and security systems (GMDSS) regulations.

GMDSS Components

  • Wirelesses
  • Communication Systems
  • Underwater Telecommunication System
  • Navtex System
  • DPU 414 System
  • Security and emergency communication procedures
  • Find and rescue operations
  • Method and operations for marine practices
  • General communication procedures

Damage Control Simulators

Simulator systems are being developed for increasing experiences and recruiting on damage control as a person or a team of personnel assigned at marine platform.

Training units are in use for plugging, patching, blocking operational trainings in case of hole, crack, weapon damage, and many more scenarios along with emergency situation equipment use trainings.

Simulator systems are capable of hydraulic movement for increasing reality through rolling move. Simulator moves can be practiced in full automatically under the control of scenario or trainer; they can also be adjusted automatically by considering maximum move angle, water level of simulator, and free-water impact.

Damage Control Components

  • Control Room
  • Engine Room
  • Accommodation Space
  • Equipment Room
  • Damage Control Center

Engine Room Simulators

Engine room simulator provides training on basic engine room operations, emergency operations, malfunction repair, main and assistant machine and integrated system operations, pumping systems and integrated control system operations, alternator, generator and control systems operations, and fuel economy.

Engine Room Components

  • Components
  • Main Engine
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling System
  • Oil System
  • Bilge
  • Balance System
























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